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Sense Makes Math presents: Meet a Mathematician

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"Meet a Mathematician" is a podcast Brought to you by Sense Makes Math, a YouTube channel which decrees that Math Does Not Make Sense. Sense, Makes math. Our mission is: To expose the world to the Beauty, Power, and Magic that is the sacred art of Mathematicians. On each episode of “Meet a Mathematician” we conduct interviews with undergraduates, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, professors, and self-identified math people to discuss their personal journey into the world of mathematics.

Recent Episodes

Finding out about "Real Math"/Better Textbooks/Combinatorics-Meet a Mathematician (020): Tien ChihOctober 21, 2019 Episode artwork Writing your Dissertation/Staying Sane in Grad School-Meet a Mathematician (019): Laura MurrayOctober 14, 2019 Episode artwork Category Theory & Math Twitter/breaking Stereotypes-Meet a Mathematician (019): Brandon ShapiroOctober 07, 2019 Episode artwork LONG-FORM Math/Erdos Numbers/Math of MAGIC-Meet a Mathematician (017): Jay CummingsSeptember 30, 2019 Episode artwork Dividing By ZERO/Different KINDS of NUMBERS/TEACHING-Meet A Mathematician 016: Bill ShillitoAugust 12, 2019 Episode artwork Narrative-Driven Math Class/Flipped Classrooms/Ph.D. Journey-Meet a Mathematician (015): Brian MulhollandAugust 05, 2019 Episode artwork World Traveling/Competitive Math/Cluster Algebras-Meet a Mathematician (014): Misha GekhtmanJuly 29, 2019 Episode artwork Zeta Functions/Math Olympiads/Teaching Math-Meet A Mathematician (013): Pedro Morales-AlmazánJuly 22, 2019 Episode artwork Lathisms/Outreach Programs/Applying for Jobs-Meet a Mathematician (012): Alexander Diaz-LopezJuly 15, 2019 Episode artwork History of Set Theory/M.C. Escher/Math In Mexico - Meet a Mathematician (011): Iván Ongay-ValverdeJuly 08, 2019 Episode artwork East VS West/Math VS Physics/Habilitation/New Book!-Meet a Mathematician (010): Pavel MnevJuly 01, 2019 Episode artwork MATH in MOSCOW/Exams @ the BEACH/Graduate school-Meet a Mathematician (010): Lisandra HernandezJune 24, 2019 Episode artwork Saving ENDANGERED Snails / APPLIED VS PURE MATH(S)?-Meet A Mathematician (008): Harry MoyseJune 17, 2019 Episode artwork Being Department Chair / A Professor's Typical Week - Meet a Mathematician (007): Julian EdwardJune 10, 2019 Episode artwork Flipped Classrooms & KARATE/Mathematical Philosophy&Theology-Meet a Mathematician (006): PJ JedlovecJune 03, 2019 Episode artwork Grad Vs. Undergrad / Starting AMS Graduate Chapter/ Publishing Process - Meet a Mathematician (005): Kyle MaddoxMay 27, 2019 Episode artwork Math Olympiads / Math Culture / Being a Professor / & His New Book - Meet a Mathematician (004): Ramin Takloo-BighashMay 20, 2019 Episode artwork Taking RISKS & Getting Stuck / Publishing Research - Meet a Mathematician (003): Prasit BhattacharyaMay 13, 2019 Episode artwork Journey to Tenure/Arnold's SNAKES &NEW Textbook - Meet a Mathematician (002): Liviu NicolaescuMay 06, 2019 Episode artwork Becoming a POST-DOC / Conferences / Doing RESEARCH - Meet A Mathematician (001): Dominic CulverMay 02, 2019 Episode artwork